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IGreenView as professiona manufactuere of CCTV products, we sincerely hope to provide you Best Quality Products & High standar d Service !

We do not only want to be your CCTV Supplier, but also your CCTV Stragetic Partner !

In this emai let me introduce you our Service & Warranty as below !
1. Free OEM Service
A, Silk-printing with your Ferreyros Logo on Camera body
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B, Customized Color Box Diesgning with your Logo & Contact info
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C, Poster/ Booklet Deisgning with your Contact info
2. CE,Rohs,FCC Certification
Most of our CCTV producst are comply to CE,RoHs,FCC internation certification as below !
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Why choose IGreenView ?
>1. You will be guaranteed for 2 years' warranty for Cameras & DVRs
>2. You will be offered a life time's maintenance & Technical Support
>3. We use Original Sony CCD,CMOS and we're VIP Customer of Sony
>4. Our products with CE, Rohs, FCC Certification.
>5. Cameras with 48 hours PCB aging test, 100% waterproof test, high-low temperature test with the leds on, drop Test, Viberation test, etc.
>6. We take 200% Inspection befoe goods delivery , rapair rate less than 0.3%.
>7. One-stop CCTV Solution
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IGreenView Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd

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