lorex-960h-logo.jpg  960H – The New High Definition Analog DVR   


Surveillance cameras with Sony’s Effio sensor produce high quality 700+ TVL images, but if you’re recording at CIF or D1, you’re not seeing that resolution.

New IGreenView DVRs optimized for 960H real-time recording offer 960 horizontal lines, the highest available resolution for Analog recording, while most DVRs currently on the market max out at D1 with a lower frame rate. Going from D1 recording to 960H is a 34% increase in resolution, and a full frame rate of 30 fps ensures no loss of image quality.

960H also has a wider format with a true-to- life aspect ratio that doesn’t stretch the image.

960H Recording Resolution Comparison to CIF and D1

Better DVR recording performance gives you more cost-effective options when configuring and placing cameras. In addition, IGreenView PRO cameras with an Effio hard-coded feature set of Low Light Illumination, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) performs well in various light conditions. These cameras paired with a 960H DVR can be a formidable alternative to IP MegaPixel systems.



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