Value Proposition


Product Concept:

We have always believed that our product is a service media. Through our high-quality products, we help customers realize their ideas or wishes, and achieve ours as well!


R&D Concept:

We have always been concerned with the cutting-edge technologies in the industry. However, our research orientation doesn’t come from the fascination of the technology itself, but from you, customers—the most real and urgent needs of you at present and in the future.

We have always stuck to the principle—to provide customers with more secure, stable and practical solutions.

Under normal circumstances, we do not study, or recommend technologies that are too advanced or too backward to our customers.


Quality Concept:

Our biggest operation cost is probably quality control on products. For IGreenView Optoelectronic: poor products definitely mean greater costs and losses for a company. The concept is fully embodied in “direct purchase of 100% raw materials from terminal manufacturers” and “double-check system for 100% end products”


Service Concept:

Corporate service reflects the most real attitude of a company to customers, and determines the company’s brand reputation as well. IGeenView Optoelectronic regards brand image as life. In all aspects of product sales, we provide online and offline, workday and non-workday services simultaneously. Each staff in the service team must be familiar with the service rule, and be ready to deliver the most convenient and effective services at any time. 


Corporate Vision:

To influence and lead the industry towards a more healthy and stable direction, and strive to be an influential world-renowned brand

To discover and promote the application of new technologies, and improve the quality of human life

To provide unique competitive advantages for business partners, and help them realize their values and objectives

To provide a broad space for development for staff and shareholders, and guide them to be effective strength of social progress

A technology leader, assistant of partners, tutor of staff and shareholders, and highly responsible corporate citizen


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